About Us

Welcome to timesclue.com, the digital platform that has now celebrated its first anniversary and has undergone a transformation with improved visual content and a smart layout, meticulously crafted based on feedback from our readers, critics, and writers. We are a subsidiary of Foster Times, a prominent media company globally.
The goal behind launching this revamped digital platform is to observe and chronicle notable changes in key areas within the diverse and youthful nation of India. Steering clear of divisive opinions, we aim to act as a catalyst for generating ideas that stimulate lively discussions on critical issues affecting a majority of people across various regions.
Socio-economic challenges in sectors like health, education, environment, law, and culture raise concerns for our entire citizenry. We are committed to focusing on news stories and reports that authentically reflect on-the-ground realities. Acknowledging the government as a significant agent of social and economic development, our objective is to provide informative content while offering a critical assessment of government policies. A secure, peaceful, and stable India is a fundamental prerequisite for socio-economic development. Furthermore, India must establish credible and robust defenses on its borders and strive for self-reliance in defense.
India, with its diversity and intriguing contradictions, has achieved milestones such as launching a mission to Mars, asserting its role as a responsible nuclear power, and emerging as a global IT and digital powerhouse. However, challenges persist in providing basic amenities to its citizens. Despite women breaking many glass ceilings, they continue to struggle for equal participation in socio-economic progress. Economic inclusiveness remains elusive for the poor, marginalized, and rural populations, presenting a significant challenge to the government in the world’s largest democracy. Tracking and documenting these contradictions and changes pose a challenge, and we hope to make a humble beginning in addressing it.
The establishment of timesclue.com was fueled by a debate on these issues, with the aim of being an independent, unbiased, informative, and vibrant platform committed to the values enshrined in our Constitution. Our goal is to bring ground reports and analytical stories to the forefront. As digital India promises to usher in interesting times, we believe the narrative also needs to evolve constructively. As we acquire resources, our coverage will deepen and expand. Until then, read us on the web or on the go with your smartphone, share our stories, tweet, and retweet. Don’t forget to send us your feedback.
Thank you for choosing TimesClue as your source for news and information. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.